The Book Bower, Middletown, CT


We’re moving again, which means I needed a nearby place to offload some books. I’ve moved about once a year since leaving home, and it seems like every time I pack up all my things I’ve gained an extra box or two of books. I’ve been wanting to check out the Book Bower in Middletown for a while, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity.

The Book Bower: Middletown, CT

Definitely go if:
You’re looking for collectibles. The Book Bower has a huge collection of rare books, original editions and books signed by the author. They also have a section for local authors — contemporary and lesser-known authors, not just national treasures like Mark Twain and Harriet Beecher Stowe.

But don’t write it off if:
You’re looking for something a little newer. The Book Bower has many new editions of classic literature and a wide selection of contemporary fiction. However, the classic literature section is separated from the contemporary section in a way that seems somewhat arbitrary. I found books and authors I would consider “classic” in the contemporary fiction section and in the much smaller classic literature section (at first I was really disappointed because I thought that small section was ALL of their literature and fiction). Bottom line: You may have to search both sections if you’re looking for the classics.

Any downside?
The store credit you get can only go toward 50 percent of the book’s price, so right now I’m looking at spending at least $30 extra bucks to get through all of my store credit. But on the upside the price you’ll get for your store credit is way better than what you’d get if you turned everything over to Half Price Books for cash. And you’re supporting a local business!


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